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We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the inevitable evolution of currency in our lifetime.  This may be hotly debated, but the obvious conclusion is that cryptocurrency is head and shoulder over fiat or government money.  We can hide our head in the sand and ignore the facts, but digital payments like credit cards, debit card, mobile apps like Venmo, and even Zelle prove the point.  Cash is fading to be the "Other Way to Pay" just like postal mail is the slow and more costly way to send a message to someone.  Honestly, who sends letters anymore?


Why are you paying 2-3% fees for credit and debit purchases, fighting with more and more bureaucratic red tape, and allowing the cash in the bank account fall by as much as 8.5% per year?  This is either madness, stupidity, or the example of being stuck in a rut complaining about your condition.


Our mobile app allows instant payments at low, low fees.  Your balance faithfully grows in the account, is free of stupid red tape, and can even be used to easy offer customer loyalty reward or acts like a barter dollar that allows you to pay for goods and services without taking cash from your bank account.

Better yet.  The B2B Rewards token is not only spendable, it is cashable.  Our tie to Bitcoin and USDT means there is an easy way to take your tokens for cash.  But, why would you do that unless our program brings in so much business, you are "Token Rich".  Use our exchange to unload your tokens because others are eager to buy them and collect the gains.