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SPENDABLE CRYPTO that Spends in Stores

Cryptocurrency is here to stay and everyone wants to find a winning strategy to get wealthy with Bitcoin or the next big coin.  If it were easy, everyone would be living in mansions, driving a Mercedes, and laughing as they fill the gas tank.  It isn't easy for the average person, so a what if there was a proven way to double your Bitcoin holdings and allow the holder to easily cash out when they need the money?  Nothing is without a measure of risk, but when the risk is low and the reward is predictably high, it is time to make a decision.

Right now, a simple investment into a spendable currency seems the best of all options.  The offer is as simple as $500 that immediately turns into $1000 of spendable crypto currency tokens.  So, the short-term opportunities are a spendable asset or holding a double value asset.  To avoid the predictable downside, the system offers the ability to "Cash Out" when necessary.  If held for a few months, the asset can use the Bitcoin blockchain to convert to cash and drop the money into a bank account.  

Bitcoin TrainingDue to the predictable and six month cycle of planned growth, holders of this asset will realize serious growth.  An initial $300 purchase is rewarded with $600 in tokens.  The proven strategy to planned growth expects to double token values every six months for two years.  We follow a proven 70% DeFi and 30% Controlled program that controls token circulation, and trades to produce a planned growth for our ecosystem.  The goal is not to make the rich, richer.  We believe in commerce, returning value to the ecosystem members, and smart development. 

Crypto Coach Michael R joins Robert each week to discuss vital topic about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  His belief is that cryptocurrency need not be complicated.  It is fairly simple to learn how to acquire, spend, buy, or create wealth with cryptocurrency.  Michael R is an effective spokesperson and trainer for any group wether beginners or experienced in cryptocurrency.




Shopping with CryptoIf your church, charity, synagogue, or non-profits needs to raise money; we employ the proven strategy of "Crowd Funding' that does not infringe on the normal giving.  Instead, we donate our spendable and cashable tokens to the charity that has a period certain to cash out.  

There is no need to deplete the charity and the supporting members actually get a fantastic benefit for a very modest commitment.  

To be clear, this is not the typical fund raiser where the program eats away the final balance, and the money isn't instantly available.  We need time to make our proven system work.  Further, in crowd-funding type projects the outside risk is low.  No one needs to put large amounts at risk.  With a crowd-funding program the little dollars or money are multiplied by our ability to drive the price of the token up with our unique value-driven program.

We would appreciate an opportunity to explain our program to your key decision-makers.  

Let B2B Rewards increase your Traffic and Return Frequency

Shop Local CryptoYet, another reason that we need to aggressively embrace the B2B Rewards crypto token as a trade asset is that will spur the local economy.  When cash is tight and prices are going up, wouldn't it greatly improve the flow of business if people had more currency to spend?  Since the store will have no cost or risk to accept cryptocurrency, area businesses will logically see an increase in sales if they accepted cryptocurrency that could be cashed out at the end of the day.

If people have assets to spend, it is to be expected that spendable cryptocurrency will turn into more sales.  Every city that sees that potential of boosting local merchant sales will benefit from the taxes paid, the merchants can pay their bills, and people have access to what they need without worrying about the bank account balance. 

Crypto BarterOne of our first goals is to develop 10,000-25,000 crypto-ready customers who want to spend their tokens.  Business use our tokens for a loyalty reward tokens as rewards for purchases.  They may also accept 10% or more in B2B Reward tokens for purchases.  Don't worry, the B2B Reward tokens can be converted to cash, hold them to pay other service as they were barter coins, or hold onto them as they grow in value every six months.

Paying for goods and services with our crypto barter concept is not reserved just for businesses.  Any service provider will happily accept B2B tokens knowing that they can easily spend them for goods and services he might need.  The spending cycle goes on multiple times in the community making a single transaction ripple into dozens of successive exchanges.  This is the way commerce works and one expenditure produces many other exchanges in the community.


We pay as much as $1000 in B2B Reward tokens if any member is willing to host one of our training events.  Remember that the B2BR tokens trade with Bitcoin and USDT and they are gaining in value.  That $1000 could easily grow to $5000 in a relatively short cycle.